The Wire Team
Chen Chao, film, stage and stunt director.

Chen Chao, film, stage and stunt director. He started exercising martial arts at the age of ten, and entered a national professional martial arts team for further study. Highly skilled in his specialty, he was recommended for admission to Shenzhen University. After graduation, he devoted himself to the screen martial arts and stunt performances. With outstanding performance, he was selected by Chan's Stunt Team (Jackie Chan) and served as an stunt director in a number of films and TV series, bringing a lot of excellent movies and TV series success. Afterwards, he learned from Master Woo-ping Yuen, a famous director, and assisted him to shoot many influential movies and TV works, and became a heavy weight of Yuen's Stunt Team.

Avia Team Introduction

《女侠旋风腿》《泰山功夫》《苏乞儿》《一代宗师》 《太极侠》 《功夫之王》