2018 year     --→      Cultural Tourism Content Service   the Whole-process Service for the "Mile Huquan Spring Water World" of Yunnan Honghe Investment; Nanchang Wanda Theme Park Performance and The Adventures in the City of Porcelain, The Fairy Tales of Bamboo Forest; Cedar Group – Shangri-la Dukezong Huaxiang Tibetan style Charm Show – Encounter · Shangri-La.

2017 year     --→      Xuancheng Cultural Tourism was founded. Wanda Group  Harbin Wanda Theme Park Performance and Ha · Show; Hefei Wanda Theme Park Performance and The Battle of Fei River, The Butterfly Wonderland and The Dreamy Journey.

2016 year     --→      The professional system was put into operation Planned the Hefei Wanda Theme Park Performance jointly with Wanda Group; and authorized by Huaqiang Group to provide art performances for 9 Huaqiang Fantawild parks in China.。

2015 year     --→      Set the industry benchmark  The first session Lewa Adventure Hallowee Carnival; The Xi'an Qujiang Ocean Polar Park Carnival; planned and performed Taihang Partisan Troops for Shanxi Changzhi Cultural Park.

2014 year     --→     Allied with strategic partners  Locajoy Theme Park performance; Xi’an Tang Paradise's Scenic Area performance; Louguantai Laozi Cultural Festival; Inner Mongolia Chifeng Hongshan Cultural Festival。

2013 year     --→      Explored art performance resources  Wanda Crabapple · Show art performance; art performances for Shenzhen Waterlands Resort; the Spring Festival performances on Xi'an City Wall near the Nanmen station; the Qin Opera drama contest in Xi'an Qujiang Daming Palace Natural Heritage Park

2012 year     --→      Explored the modes of art performance  Art performances for OCT--Chengdu Happy Valley; Spring Festival activities for Xi'an Tang West Market; art performances for Shanxi scenic area Yungang Grottoes.

2011 year    --→      Xuancheng Art Performace was founded。  Participated in the performance of the 5th China Festival in Nepal on behalf of the Ministry of Culture.)。